High-Impact Mentoring

Kritte’s disruptive thinking, ability to connect the dots in complex matters and crystal clear analysis delivered immediate, foundational value to my new company’s direction and strategy. With her key instincts and insights, she propelled us from a great concept into an agent for global change!”

–Mona DeFrawi, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur

Kritte is the first person who has truly understood my vision – in all its potential. Even the parts I couldn’t articulate, I knew she sensed what I wanted by the questions she asked. Just one conversation and I was left infused with energy and believing in the success of my vision – the first time in a long while. Clearly seeing the next steps to make it happen.

She understands at a deeper level how systemic change happens and how we all relate to each other.

– Katrine, NYC

There’s a group of women working – each in their own way – to create a better, more meaningful world; one that truly thrives. This new breed of leaders for social change, these ‘heroes of humanity’, are driven, creative and inspired. Yet there are times when this is not enough. There are times when even heroes need support.

For these driven individuals, simple mentoring is not enough. To achieve what they want in the world, they need something more. They need high-impact mentoring.

Mentoring only moves you closer to the front of the line.

High-impact mentoring does away with lines altogether…

Mentoring only helps you see things more clearly.

High-impact mentoring enables you to see things differently…

Mentoring only improves performance on a step-by-step basis.

High-impact mentoring focuses on fundamental growth…

Mentoring is for anyone.

High-impact mentoring is for leaders of social change…

You’re most likely a driven visionary, social entrepreneur, humanitarian, or possibly a still-in-the-closet world-changer. What you have in common is a sense of ‘something has got to change’. And you’re right. That something is you.

High Impact mentoring helps you go beyond your current limits in all respects. It’s a serious level-up that will radically increase the positive effect you can have in the world.

High-impact mentoring is, quite simply, for high-impact women.