An investment for life

Unique to every woman

How long does it take to shift? Everyone is different. Although results can be reached in a remarkably short period of time, significant and lasting results usually requires a longer commitment. Sometimes however, change leaders just need a high-impact “Shake-up” in the form of one or two intense mentoring sessions.

For every client’s process – no matter how long or short – I discuss the individual possibilities beforehand. To give you an idea up front, I’ve outlined a few of the most common journeys, along with typical time spacing and pricing.

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Limited March Offer:

High-Impact Kick-start at 60% discount*:
3 x 45 minutes sessions 750 – now only: 299

New Directions

3 months mentoring:
12 x 45 minute sessions. €2500


6 months mentoring:
24 x 45-minute sessions. €4500

Upbeat upkeep

Occasional mentoring (maintenance) – previous clients only
6 x 60-minute sessions to use as needed. €1500


€450/60 minute session

*Only for new customers. Only one package per person. Limited to 15 session packages given at a first come first serve basis. Offer valid until 31 March 2023. Sessions to be used before 15 May 2023.

“The butterfly cannot prove that the caterpillar can become a butterfly; there is no logical way.
But the butterfly can provoke a longing in the caterpillar.”

As a mentor working with international clients, I recognize that purchasing power in different countries is far from equal. Also, that some incredible leaders for change have the potential for big impact, but not always adequate funding. These individuals can contact me and apply for the “Giving Back Programme”. It is offered on a limited and case-by-case basis. My belief is that if you are someone truly dedicated to elevating humanity, then cost should not be the thing that stands in your way.

Who can apply?
This programme is intended for young (16-30 year old) women changemakers and leaders of social change the Global South who have a clear vision but want to implement it in a more impactful way. I’ll consider changemakers who are already “on their way”, i.e., who have done some of the work, but really want to take it to the next level.

Most people looked at me and saw an African female with no significant experience – coming from a war-disrupted country – and with a pre-determined destiny. You looked with different eyes. You saw something in me that I did not see myself, something I did not even believe in. And, always a step ahead, you persisted in holding the light high…until I finally saw it for myself.

Our most recent sessions prepared me for the next level – stepping into becoming a global leader. As an expat in the African Union/ACHPR, advocating for Human Rights and traveling the world, I know that conditions never determine our potential. And it is what I share with my family, my colleagues, and the world.

Anita Bagona, Burundi/Gambia