am I?

Wise and “spiritually insightful” is what comes to mind when I think of our sessions. You have a deep insight into the complexity of being human and, at the same time, you’re so sharp that I almost feel that you can see through people and dismantle their “stories” with one razor-sharp question. I hope that your telepathic abilities can acknowledge my deep gratitude towards you.

-Ivana, Montenegro

The Mentoring Journey with me:

Investment for life

High-impact mentoring is one of the greatest opportunities in life. It is an investment in yourself that is necessary if you want to have maximum impact in the world. While it is a journey that requires a deep commitment from both sides, it is an investment that multiplies your growth and impact many times over.

Will the journey with me be challenging? Yes! Transformation is always challenging, but in an exciting, exhilarating way.

Deep connection

Alongside the creative confrontations, provocative insights, or piercing questions, the relationship we develop is what will help you grow. I´m not for the fainthearted, but my relationship with you will always be built on unconditional acceptance, and I’ll always be on your side. We´ll have hard talks, great laughs and my dynamic presence will ensure you are infused with the energy to move ahead.

-Ivana, Montenegro

They say that diamonds only exist when coal is put under extreme pressure.

The black carbon in my own life began in the womb with a string of traumatic experiences which continued into adulthood. And although I pulled myself up and out to have a global career spanning 30 countries and became a successful leadership expert, humanitarian, business coach, mentor and social entrepreneur, that vein of darkness in my life remained present, always under the surface.

However, it’s also what pushed me to search farther that I would have, and to dive deeper – much deeper – than was comfortable. It was far from a personal search only. I felt that in the answer I sought for myself was also the source of the solution to the global challenges we face. In was looking for an answer for the refugees and humanitarians under my care; for the dedicated professionals struggling to be authentic leaders; and for a growing cadre of social changemakers that had a vision for a brighter world but were being held back.

As I deepened my research looking for answers, it became clear that most methods and approaches didn’t go deep enough; they only addressed the symptoms, achieving temporary success at best. So I investigated fields that had the potential for higher impact – everything from spirituality to epigenetics, neuroscience and mind-mastery. I began to understand how global change arises – can only arise – from personal transformation.

I realized that my future – and my ever-evolving mission in life – is only made possible by my past. The dark seams running through my life were necessary; they provided the raw material that shaped me to be the changemaker that I’ve become. As my mindset transformed, so did my very sense of self, purpose and potential. The intense pressure that had been with me all my life…became diamonds.

Kritte Hoffritz