What are the most sought-after skills for the future? Inner well-being and happiness are at the core of a new leadership paradigm that will outperform anything else we’ve seen so far.

Companies excelling in employee wellbeing and happiness don’t just perform significantly better, they outperform industry benchmarks and marked standards in the stock exchange. It’s not an utopian ideal – it’s today’s reality.

The traditional business model advocating: work hard, achieve success, then happiness will follow is not only outdated, but fundamentally flawed and a liability for modern business.

Neuroscience now confirms we had it backwards. In reality, our brains function in reverse: happiness is not the outcome, but the driver of success and optimal performance.

Inner wellbeing isn’t some soft metric; it’s a robust biochemical state that, like a muscle, can be built to fortify our emotional resilience, heighten stress management, and navigate challenges with ease. Combined with happiness, it makes staff unstoppable

Let’s be unambiguous: It’s not just about making your employees ‘feel good.’ In the new paradigm, staff wired for inner wellbeing and happiness drive measurable improvements in innovation, productivity, and the bottom line.

Thriving employees are the precursor for a company’s sustained performance and future competitiveness.

The facts are irrefutable: when staff operate from a core of robust inner wellbeing and happiness, we witness seismic shifts in organizational metrics.

  • Productivity surges by 20-30%.
  • Innovation and creativity spike with over 30%.
  • Profitability climbs 21%.
  • Sales rocket by 37%.
  • Employee retention improves, with turnover plummeting by 59%.
  • Absenteeism falls sharply by 41%.

And it’s not just the corporate veterans paying attention. A staggering 58% of millennials and 54% of Gen Z consider focus on inner wellbeing essential when job hunting.

Organizational wellbeing isn’t a perk—it’s a critical asset. Consequently, it should not be treated as a mere preference or an HR tick-box; it’s a strategic imperative that amplifies every performance metric worth measuring. Because not only is inner wellbeing and happiness powerful predictors of individual performance, it’s the new competitive edge and linchpin of your future business success.

Managers will either ahead of this curve or facing irrelevance in the future. Which do you choose?

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