Empowering women to activate
their limitless potential.




Empowering women to activate
their limitless potential.

High-Impact Mentorship

High-Impact mentorship is an immersive, one-on-one mentoring journey, specifically designed for women changemakers & change seekers.

Through this journey, you will radically transform your inner wellbeing, master your mind, and elevate yourself and your leadership to a whole new level. From where you can realize your vision for an inspired life and a bold, new world.

This is your time. Let’s make it count.

The world
needs bold

to drive
forward change
& usher a new paradigm

Level Up Your Impact



Imagine a radical shift in your being once you claim your inner wellbeing, master your mind, and fully embrace yourself as a leader. Envision the power, the freedom and the impact you can have when you undergo this transformation.

This is what greatness is. The source of your infinite potential. Let’s ignite it.

I’m Kritte, a transformational mentor, a futurist and a change catalyst. I’m here to help women like you to awaken to your immense inner power and spark your greatness.

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High-Impact Advantage


By working on both
cognitive shifts & inner
wellbeing, witness profound
change within and beyond


Synergizing the best
of innovation, business development, leadership, inner wellbeing, mind mastery and mentoring.


With this cutting-edge
mentoring process
developed over decades,
experience deep & rapid



Kritte’s disruptive thinking, ability to connect the dots in complex matters and crystal clear analysis delivered immediate, foundational value to my new company’s direction and strategy. 

With her key instincts and insights, she propelled us from a great concept into an agent for global change!

Mona DeFrawi, CEO & Founder Radivision - One of Forbes ’Most Powerful Women in Technology’

Kritte is an outstanding mentor.

Her insight and unbounded creativity helped me become a stronger leader and begin to create the life I want for myself: one of true freedom, financially and psychologically. She helped me not only become a stronger leader but also a better person and role model for my son.

Kelly David, Chief of the Strategic Planning, Evaluations and Guidance Section, UNOCHA

Wise and spiritually insightful is what comes to mind when I think of my sessions with Kritte. 

She has deep insight into the complexity of being human. She can see through people and dismantle their ‘stories’ with one razor-sharp question.

Ivana, Montenegro

Most people looked at me and saw an African female with no significant experience – coming from a war-disrupted country, and with a predetermined destiny. 

Kritte saw me with different eyes. finding something even I did not see or believe in.  Always a step ahead, Kritte persisted in holding the light high, until I finally saw it for myself.

Our most recent sessions prepared me for the next level – stepping into becoming a global leader.

Anita Bagona, Senior Legal Officer, Secretariat of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights

Kritte took me to the future of my organization in its biggest potential – beyond what I could perceive myself, or what I had dared to embrace. 

From here, I clearly saw which mindsets had been holding me back. Kritte taught me mind-mastery and I felt myself changing, and comfortably embracing this newfound potential.

Once I started combining science with consciousness in my work ,everything else started falling into place and synchronicities started to happen. My vision has expanded, and my execution is no longer the same.

Thanks to Kritte, I now increasingly enjoy the process rather than feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending work.

K Ramalakshmi, Co-founder, Elina, India


the boundless power


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