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Inner engineering: the 21st century power

The new frontier is 𝗻𝗼𝘁 outer space, but inner space.In the past, our power came from manipulating the world around us, colonizing territories, bending the planet to our whims.Today, it's a new kind of revolution—re-inventing ourselves and updating our own mindsets. Self-mastery, not world-mastery will make the change we’re seeking.In the future, true power will [...]

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Redefining strength: from funeral to fulfillment

Today it’s 40 years ago my father passed away. I felt relieved. Relief intertwined with grief and emptiness; a void of a parent's love, but also the departure of a troubled figure. It was a complex mix of emotions I felt as I walked out of the chapel after having identified his body.Carrying a plastic [...]

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The path of bold leaders

To become a transformative leader in the 21st century is neither a quick-fix, nor technical skills that are learned in a Podcast or management course. It’s a process of transformative growth that requires self-mastery and radically new mindsets. It‘s not for the faints of heart.Today’s world is characterized by complexity, paradoxes and contradictions. To succeed [...]

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Redefining impact in changemaking

A pattern emerged early in my journey of mentoring women leaders of change. They would often seek guidance on entrepreneurial challenges such as vision, funding, and leadership. However, what they failed to recognize is that the biggest hurdle they face lies within themselves. Their own self-image and beliefs limit their potential to achieve greatness.To realize [...]

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Shattering the chains of beliefs

We're a kind of consciousness on crack, bound by our beliefs and experiences that shape our reality. Our life's journey, with its traumas, triumphs, and challenges, moulds our neural networks, constantly shaping our biology. Everything that happens to us, becomes us. We are, essentially, addicted to our worldviews. The good news? Mindsets are not as [...]

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Rising from chaos to greatness

My 85 year-old mother, residing in a nursing home, became single last month. After 38 years of marriage, her husband filed for divorce.The situation caused a rift within the family, exposing pre-existing cracks. Sides were firmly taken, lawyers hired.But it’s the darkest moments that spark transformation. When life as we know it falls apart, shattering [...]

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The Coin that sparked transformation

This is the incident that made me exit my humanitarian career.Humanitarians can be incredibly inhumane towards themselves. And I had become one of them. Wanting to better the world without bettering myself first:As he was passing me, the businessman stopped.He threw a coin in my cup.I stared at him in disbelief as he walked away....trying [...]

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From dismissal to extraordinary

The first employee I ever dismissed – after two serious notices – recently invited me to spend three beautiful days with her and her family in the Balkans. Though I had to let go another 60 staff in the same operation due to budget cuts, Jelena’s case was different. Her position was not at stake, [...]

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The Abbot

During a work trip to Nepal, I attended the funeral of the Tibetan Lama, Rinpoche Geshe Lhundrup Rigsel. It was a day-long ceremony at the Kopan Monastery assisted by 900 monks. A long procession carried the Lama’s body to the place of cremation in a meditative sitting position and dressed like a deity. Hours [...]

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