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The potential and power of perspective

It’s all in your mind What’s the most impactful work I do with social leaders? Help them ‘change their mind’. Literally. By getting these leaders to change their outlook so fundamentally that they see opportunities rather than limitations…then they move from problem solving to possibility creation. And that’s the difference between treading water [...]

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The reason inner wellbeing impacts your impact

Inner Wellbeingthe change social changemakers need Helena* is typical of most the social leaders that I work with. She’s been moving through life…instead of actually living it. On the outside, she’s remarkably accomplished and successful. Inside, she’s overwhelmed, stressed and fearful. Depleted. Anything but joyful and energized. I see it again and again. [...]

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Socially conscious… but too vulnerable?

Socially conscious...but too vulnerable? The social entrepreneurship movement is on the rise globally in terms of size, scope, and degree of available support. Gen Y (also known as Millennials) and early-Gen Z, known to be more socially conscious and engaged, now comprise the majority of the workforce in many countries.These change agents will increasingly [...]

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Global Change. Yes, it really does start with you.

Global Change Yes, it really does start with you From economic growth to growth in wellbeing Over the last century, humanity has revolutionized both science and technology at a rate never before seen in history. We’ve conquered the world, and engineered technologies and physical developments as much as we felt was ‘humanly’ possible. [...]

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The Abbot

During a work trip to Nepal, I attended the funeral of the Tibetan Lama, Rinpoche Geshe Lhundrup Rigsel. It was a day-long ceremony at the Kopan Monastery assisted by 900 monks. A long procession carried the Lama’s body to the place of cremation in a meditative sitting position and dressed like a deity. Hours [...]

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A call from the hills of Burundi

My mobile phone rang with a call from Burundi. Through static and whistling wind, I heard the voice of Kandinda, the Congolese vice-president of the Karurama refugee camp from where I had returned a few months earlier. We had worked side-by-side in Cibitoke, situated in the triangle between Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi, and very fast [...]

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