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A call from the hills of Burundi

My mobile phone rang with a call from Burundi. Through static and whistling wind, I heard the voice of Kandinda, the Congolese vice-president of the Karurama refugee camp from where I had returned a few months earlier. We had worked side-by-side in Cibitoke, situated in the triangle between Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi, and very [...]

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All roads lead to Kathmandu

I remember the scent of the Arabic sweets my mom brought with her back from Lebanon. She kept them in a special cupboard and we were not allowed to touch. I often opened the door to this cupboard to inhale the exotic fragrance of orange blossom, rosewater and cardamom, staring intently at the dried [...]

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The Black Mighty

The pujari, a local Hindu temple-priest, was in a deep trance channeling Karupa Rayan, also known as the Black Mighty - protector of the Anaimalais Mountains in the southern western ghats of Tamil Nadu. The energy was intense. Shortly before, drawn to the event by the intensive sound of drummers from afar, Vijay and [...]

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I’m coming with the wind

From my window seat on the airplane, I admired the iridescent blue-green glow of the sandbanks and coral atolls of the Arabian Sea. As the plane descended, I received a message on my phone. Dean had passed away. This very special, rare and beautiful person, who had been my partner years back when I [...]

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