We’re a kind of consciousness on crack, bound by our beliefs and experiences that shape our reality. Our life’s journey, with its traumas, triumphs, and challenges, moulds our neural networks, constantly shaping our biology. Everything that happens to us, becomes us. We are, essentially, addicted to our worldviews.

The good news? Mindsets are not as rigid as they seem. However, they can be notoriously stubborn. When presented with opportunities for growth, our biology—mind and body—clings to the status quo, resisting change. Our brain concocts rationalizations to avoid discomfort, even when the opportunity is beneficial. Thus, we invent reasons not to act.

This mindset stickiness reveals a crucial truth: breaking free and getting clean is hard work. Our survival and growth depend on our determination to shatter our consciousness until it submits. So, roll up your sleeves and get cracking. Embrace the challenge of shifting your perspective, expanding your horizons, and transforming your life. Because when we crack our consciousness, we unleash our true potential.

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