My 85 year-old mother, residing in a nursing home, became single last month. After 38 years of marriage, her husband filed for divorce.

The situation caused a rift within the family, exposing pre-existing cracks. Sides were firmly taken, lawyers hired.

But it’s the darkest moments that spark transformation. When life as we know it falls apart, shattering our understanding, these moments, as painful and arbitrary as they sometimes seem, hold possibilities when we see beyond the chaos.

Under pressure, our true selves are revealed, shedding the curated image we present. We witness flaws in others we thought were flawless, and have to confront the parts of ourselves we hitherto conveniently denied. Buried trauma, resentment, anger, and distorted beliefs unleash a whirlwind of emotions.

Here we must choose: succumb to the chaos and let ourselves spiral downward, or rise from the ashes, transcending the turmoil. Personal transformation is a relentless fire that burns away layers of learned behavior, fabricated facades, and self-imposed limitations, opening the door for greatness.

Decades ago, at an event, an artist guided solely by intuition and without meeting me, sketched my life journey. The result: seven Phoenixes intertwined in a ring, rising from ashes.

Burn, elevate, reinvent—repeat. My life indeed became a series of transformative moments that shaped my expertise in catalyzing change.

Similarly, for many social entrepreneurs, a defining experience is the genesis of their vision and drive. Emma, once a content and perfect housewife, experienced a lightning strike when her husband left, erasing her home, social life, and future. From resentment and playing small, she chose greatness and became a serial entrepreneur.

With the right support, my own mother sees beyond her present situation, transcending what is while regaining her energy, strength and direction.

If you find yourself engulfed in the flames, unable to rise from the ashes, know that there is not only a way out, but a path upwards towards reinvention. Reach out if you need someone to embark with you on the transformative journey to the other side.

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