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Hi, I’m Kritte

As a transformational mentor, futurist, and catalyst for global change, I am committed to championing trailblazing women and awakening them to their limitless potential.

My lifelong diverse experience in global humanitarian work social entrepreneurship, and leadership development has allowed me to assimilate unique insights into creating innovative and lasting change. My expertise in personal transformation draws on my own experiences and explorations in neuroscience, mind-mastery, and transformational methodologies, to understand the human potential.

Through High-Impact Mentorship, I have integrated these learnings to empower women changemakers and change seekers worldwide to elevate themselves and bring their visions to life.

As women leaders, let’s go beyond what was once thought possible, and catalyze a radically better future.


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And in that knowledge lies
the real power and answers
to challenges in our life.

This is My Story

They say that diamonds occur only when coal is put under extreme pressure. My trial began in the womb with a string of traumatic experiences continued into my adulthood.

Although I pulled myself up and out to have a global career spanning 20 countries and became a successful leadership expert, humanitarian, business coach, mentor and social entrepreneur, that vein of darkness in my life was ever-present, always under the surface.

This is also what pushed me to search further that I would have, and to dive deeper – much deeper – than was comfortable. I was seeking a solution for humanitarians, for dedicated professionals, for aspiring leaders and for an exploring number of social changemakers with a vision for a better world – and what was holding us back. The answer I sought for myself also became the key to addressing the global challenges we face today.

As I delved deeper into my research for answers, I discovered that most methods and approaches were merely surface-level. They address just the symptoms and result in temporary success. This led me to explore various fields, such as spirituality, epigenetics, neuroscience, and mind-mastery, that had the potential to create a more significant impact. It dawned on me that personal transformation is the key to achieving global change.

Through this process, I came to realize that my past, with all its dark seams, was necessary to shape me into the person that I am today. My future and my ever-evolving mission in life are a product of my past.

As my mindset transformed, so did my sense of self, purpose, and potential. The intense pressure that had been a constant presence in my life had transformed into a diamond.

you journey
with Kritte?

  • Take The Quantum Leap And Reinvent Who You Are

  • Journey with Someone With A Proven Record In Transforming Women Leaders

  • Experience The Unique High-Impact Framework Ensuring Lasting Results

  • Find New Energy Emanating From The Core of Your Inner Wellbeing

  • Address The Root Causes To Challenges For Lasting Change

  • Forge New Powerful Mindsets To Realise Your Visions

  • Foster A Deep Connection Based on Trust & Unconditional Acceptance

  • Evolve Into An Authentic And Transformational Leader

  • Claim Your Ultimate Freedom And State of Flow



david stephens

“Kritte is one of most dedicated people I have ever worked with. Highly intelligent and powerful.. She has amazing organization skills with the ability to quickly get to the root of the problem and then get everyone on the team engaged in delivering the solution. If you get the chance to work with Kritte in any capacity, DO IT. She receives our highest recommendation”

David Stephens, Special Advisor to at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus
Mona defrawi

Kritte is one of the best advisors with whom I have been honored to work! Her disruptive thinking delivered immediate, foundational value to my new company’s direction & strategy. Her laser sharp insight immediately elucidated core values and issues, and helped direct optimal decision-making for profound and very positive results. With her key instincts and insights, she propelled us from a great concept into an agent for global change! Having worked with many excellent advisors and coaches, I recommend Kritte with the highest confidence!

Mona DeFrawi, Silicon Valley serial-entreprenur. Top 100 Women in Fintech
empowering mentorship switzerland

Kritte made me realize that I need to stop looking backwards but inwards. She  helped me become a better version of myself. One who knows happiness is a choice that’s mine to make. 

She saw me from my deepest self and from my highest potential of who I could become. To authentically and completely embody who I truly am. Thanks to Kritte, I transformed into a successful serial entrepreneur.

Emma Lloret, Serial entrepreneur, France

Kritte is a true CATALYST for systematic change.. By rethinking how we think, how we relate to each others, ourselves and the world, she is able to help you understand and work towards organizational and societal transformation.

Tanya Sheikh, Founder
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