Reflections on global change through personal transformation

The leadership mirror: what reflection do you cast?

Transformative Leadership isn't a strategy; It's you!You're the linchpin.All leaders I work with want to ignite change. But let's be frank, not everyone succeeds. Why?The reason is simple, yet profound: Transformative leadership is unapologetically inside-out. No shortcuts; the work starts and ends with you. Your team is your mirror, reflecting what's already within you. You [...]

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The silent thunder of presence

Your presence doesn't whisper - it thunders in silence. Before a word is uttered, your energy enters the room, shaping outcomes far before any action is taken. Invisible yet invincible.Leadership development often overlooks the influence of energy, despite its undeniable reach and impact. To underestimate energy in the workplace as an abstract concept is to [...]

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The courage paradox: when staying is daring

You think leaving a prestigious job is brave? Let's confront that notion head-on, and make an unsettling narrative shift that dismantles your ideas about courage.People often commend me for my bravery in leaving the UN. That narrative triggers me - because it’s a distortion of what courage is. I left the UN not out of [...]

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Change: from fear to fuel

Change can paralyze or catalyze; the difference lies in leadership. Choice-driven change fuels us, while imposed change threatens to derails us - understanding this distinction is essential for effective leadership.We thrive on change - when it's a choice. It's exhilarating, inviting creativity and willingness to embrace new experiences. We relish the new; the exotic dish, [...]

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Is belonging the x-factor?

Human beings are hardwired to be social creatures. Period. To ignore this fact in a professional setting isn't just tone-deaf; it's a fundamental misunderstanding of what fuels performance and engagement.People are not machines. They can't be switched on to 'perform' and then switched off. When employees' fundamental human needs are met, their mental acuity, creativity, [...]

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Can you listen your way to success?

Listening is the most underrated skill in leadership - it's neither sexy or spotting the next trend. Yet, the World Economic Forum elevates active listening from mere skill to an essential attitude for future success.This recognition is well-founded. Active listening hinges on a primal human need: the desire to be heard and understood. In fact, [...]

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The silent startup killer

Startups don't just fail - they're led into failure. The glaring void crippling the startup ecosystem isn't just market volatility or lack of funds; it's deficient leadership. Often sidelined and underestimated, leadership remains the most overlooked variable in the equation for startup success or demise.Ultimately, the success of a startup depends on the effectiveness of [...]

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The thrive factor: power-boosting your ROI?

One of the most powerful levers for your organization's future success has been systematically overlooked and ignored by leadership.Thriving is not a luxury; it's a business imperative with quantifiable ROI. When leadership neglects this essential factor, they're effectively sabotaging their own outcomes. Productivity, engagement, retention - they're all directly correlated with how much employees thrive. [...]

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Inaction’s Invoice: the steep price of stagnation

What's the true cost of letting yourself down - again? Failure isn't just a setback; it erodes your self-belief, saps your energy, and undermines your confidence. If you think this is a willpower game reserved for the weak, you’re wrong. Here’s why: Deciding on a goal is easy. The real work begins when you commit [...]

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Growth or regret: which pain will you pick?

In life, you’re going to feel pain. It's unavoidable. Either pain from growth or pain from regret. Choose growth! Exploring demanding physical activities is one of many pathways for me. Recent exploits include canyoning, via ferratas, surfing, and paragliding. Fear? Of course, it’s ever-present. Yet, I've come realized that life is on the other side [...]

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