In life, you’re going to feel pain. It’s unavoidable. Either pain from growth or pain from regret. Choose growth!

Exploring demanding physical activities is one of many pathways for me. Recent exploits include canyoning, via ferratas, surfing, and paragliding. Fear? Of course, it’s ever-present.

Yet, I’ve come realized that life is on the other side of fear. The most transformative shifts accompany the boldest leaps.

Admittedly, it’s not without its toll. Along the way, I’ve collected my fair share of wounds and injuries. I perceive them as badges though, much like tattoos, signifying a spirit that refuses to stagnate.

My latest growth pain? Conquering my own inner demons to return to the depths after a harrowing near-drowning experience in the stormy sea off East Timor. Comfortable? Far from it. Did I grow? Exponentially. This decision reopened a door to an underwater world I’d shut away for years.

Let’s get this straight: fear will never be completely eradicated, nor should it be. I still regularly feel it. But that fear sits beside me, not in the driver’s seat. Making fear my co-pilot, not my jailer.

I bet you’ve felt it too. Convert that fear into the currency of courage, and use that capital to buy a life less ordinary.

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