To become a transformative leader in the 21st century is neither a quick-fix, nor technical skills that are learned in a Podcast or management course. It’s a process of transformative growth that requires self-mastery and radically new mindsets. It‘s not for the faints of heart.

Today’s world is characterized by complexity, paradoxes and contradictions. To succeed in the daunting task of creating social and systemic change in this environment, a new kind of leaders are needed:

Changemakers who dare to get lost to find a new way and create the path towards not what is, but what can be. Leaders who are comfortable with uncertainty and the unknown, and not only remain rooted in the midst of chaos, but see opportunities rather than just solving problems.

This requires a constant state of self-renewal and adaptation. Leaders of social change – already ready to transform society – therefore understand they have to transform themselves first, and forge their own leadership path as they walk it.

What leadership path are you walking?

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