Why do I always travel alone?

Because that’s when I feel truly, heart-pounding alive.

It’s when we leave the well-trodden path and embrace of the unpredicted and unknown that flow and synchronicity happen.

Each solo journey, be it a one-way ticket or an impromptu adventure is more than just a trip—it’s an encounter with potential; an invitation to expand. They’re masterclasses in personal development.

Life isn’t about routine or predictability—it’s about meeting the unknown and discovering oneself anew. It’s about actively engaging with life, not passively moving through it.

Meditating with Burmese monks; turning India’s lockdown into lifelong bonds; or connecting under the desert stars with the Tuaregs aren’t just experiences. They’re moments that redefine perspectives and are catalysts for transformative insights.

Your life story is written in every challenge you embrace. Make sure it’s one hell of a read.

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