In a world reshaped by the pandemic, 25% are now pioneering a new narrative: simplicity over excess.

Like other forward-thinkers, they choose autonomy over accumulation. Before this trend took hold, I had already transitioned, selling 75% of my possessions and swapping Geneva’s urban pulse/energy for a serene micro-climate, a haven nestled between lake and mountains, with the soothing rhythm of a nearby river as my daily soundtrack.

I wanted a life of wealth defined by possessing less, but valuing more – bringing about a profound sense of lightness and freedom

This is more than minimalism; it’s an invitation to live intentionally with curated abundance and embracing ultimate mobility, redefining our own standards of freedom

As the world gravitates towards the magnetic pull of simplicity, how much more will it take before you break away from the confines of endless accumulation?

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