An ex-hubby told me I was “too bubbly”.

Most people, like him, misunderstand the potency of inner wellbeing. It’s not merely the absence of stress, burnout, fear, sleeplessness, or trauma. It goes beyond mindfulness and positive thinking. Inner wellbeing is a dynamic, energized state that enables us to create, inspire, and make an impact. In fact, it’s something we must take seriously.

Yet, it’s often treated as an afterthought in our lives. Something to pursue if and when we find the time. It’s the other way around: inner wellbeing is the very foundation of our lives. It ignites the energy for innovation, enables us to seize opportunities, and shapes our entire outlook.

Inner wellbeing is a vibrant life-force, a potent biochemical state can we can build like a muscle. It’s not a cognitive exercise; it’s a physical state rooted in who we are, propelling us from survival to thriving.

Our energetic state not only impacts ourselves, but directly influences our surroundings. Anger attracts anger. Anxiety perpetuates anxiety. Vibrancy enables us to see and realize potential, and has a direct impact on our ability to make a difference on larger scale.

It’s not a luxury, and it’s not just an insight – it’s a strategic choice and a crucial skill to develop for any changemaker.

Here’s to taking bubbliness seriously😉

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